Fusion Training on Polyethylene Pipeline

Course Objectives

Introduction to common PE Pipeline.

joint preparation: defects and how to avoid them; process control, inspection and testing, health, and safety; practical butt fusion and electrofusion welding in polypropylene or polyethylene.

  • Identify most relevant equipment, pipe, and fittings 
  • Complete pre-checks on pipe and equipment 
  • Provide an understanding and demonstration of safe practice 
  • Understand and display industry best practices/techniques for electrofusion welding 
  • Inspect joints for quality assurance

Fusion Training

Who are these training courses for?

  • Individuals with limited or no experience of the manual welding processes upskilling to learn fusion techniques;
  • Maintenance staff required to install plastic fabrications; 
  • Welding engineers unfamiliar with these processes; 
  • Supervisors and operators apprentices.

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