NRSWA - New Roads Street Works Training

This NRSWA operative or NRSWA supervisor qualification, renewal or reassessment ensures all work on the footpath, roads and infrastructure in the United Kingdom is carried out to a safe and high standard.

After successfully completing the training the NRSWA operative or NRSWA supervisor will have the skills to carry out Street Works to the standards required by the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991.


After successful completion of the units undertaken, you will get a Street Works card showing the units you successfully completed and your competence to work on the Highway roads.

The NRSWA card is valid for 5 years.

On completion of the training, candidates will be registered with CABWI the awarding body and receive certification. They will also receive a Street Works register ID card that proves registration on the NRSWA register.


The course is completed through a combination of practical assessments and classroom learning.

New Roads Street Works Training

Unit Courses available:

NRSWA Re-assessment

Highway excavation - Operator Units 1, 2 and 3.

Highway excavation monitoring - Supervisor Units 1, 10, 11.

Individual Single Unit Courses

As well as operative, supervisor, or reassessment courses we also offer single-unit courses including:

NRSWA Unit 2 or 10 Traffic Management: Signing, Lighting and Guarding

This single unit traffic management unit 2 course is for anyone who needs to set up signs, lighting or guarding on the road. The unit 10 supervisor course is for anyone who is supervising the setting up of signing, lighting, and guarding on the streets. This qualification can be completed within one day.

NRSWA Unit 1: Underground Services/Cable Avoidance Training

The unit 1 cat and genny training allows candidates to safely locate and avoid underground apparatus such as electrical cables, fibre optics and water mains. This qualification can be completed within one day.

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